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Logistics delivers – just-in-time

Many industries in Germany "crave" for professional logistics. Producing sought-after products is one side of production and trade - organizing on-schedule logistics is the second essential component. No matter what industry you are in, UNICON is at your side!

High-quality leather finishing - high-quality logistics. The furniture industry, as well as segments of the automotive and shoe industries, rely on the import experience of Unicon Logistics for leather imports. Whether for English furniture classics, Italian brand name shoes or elegant car seats - just-in-time delivered the industries can complete their traditional craft without delay.

  • Import of all types of leather (finished leather, wet blue, etc.) for the furniture, automotive and shoe industries from all the leather-producing countries, especially South America and the subcontinent
  • Close contact with tanneries on the spot, with advice on the best possible means of shipping your leather
  • Full containers (FCL) and our own consolidated containers (LCL) from the “hotspots”, with import by air freight for urgent batches
  • Fastest transit times in the market
  • Advice on customs questions with a special focus on the leather industry à possibility of avoiding import duties!
  • Our own trained warehouse personnel who are geared towards handling leather
  • Possibility of interim storage (including in a customs warehouse) and custom-fit delivery of part-batches
  • Post-haulage of the imported goods on all carriers (land, rail, river); as needed, depending on the customer’s wishes and the urgency of the goods