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Warehousing – storage and logistics

If you do not operate a warehouse of your own, you can also use us as your warehouse keeper at any time. We would be pleased to take over the order picking and distribution of your goods worldwide, and by request we will take out storage insurance for you

Good business, good supply chain management – with UNICON Logistics

Maybe you have bought goods at a very good price in Asia, but you don’t have sufficient storage areas for these yourself?

Perhaps you have acquired exclusive goods in South America, but for liquidity reasons you only want to pay customs duty on the quantity of goods that your customer has ordered?

Then UNICON storage logistics is right for you.

We can offer you everything to do with professional warehousing.

UNICON import shipment service

  • Unloading containers
  • Inspecting goods for completeness and damage
  • Palleting goods and placing them in storage
  • Payment of customs duty or temporary storage followed by storage in the customs warehouse
  • Further processing – goods handling including
    • Repackaging
    • Order assembly
    • Pricing
    • Labelling
    • Fumigation
  • Inventory control
  • Goods insurance
  • Order picking
  • Organising the shipment of the goods to your chosen place using your chosen carrier.

When shipments are intended for export, we can handle the following for you:

  • Seaworthy packaging
  • Placement in the container
  • Preparation of the necessary export documents
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivering the shipment to the terminal in good time