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Increase performance, reduce costs - Contract logistics with UNICON Logistics

Make or buy is a choice that applies particularly to services related to warehouse logistics.

Increase performance, reduce costs – Contract logistics with UNICON Logistics

Numerous UNICON customers use our warehouse capacities and our expertise, and conclude outsourcing cooperation agreements with us in the form of contract logistics.

Every accountant, controller and CEO is delighted when they can transform fixed costs into variable ones. The bottom line result: performance is maintained or increased, and costs are reduced.

Good advice means good savings!

Our services for your benefit

  • Planning and implementation of the optimal warehousing
  • Control/reconciliation of goods flows and data flows
  • Inventory administration
  • Automated re-ordering
  • Order picking and assembling
  • Picking, packing, labelling
  • Networking with our ERP system
  • Interface optimisation