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Imports and exports with UNICON Logistics

The approaches taken for freight forwarding often vary greatly. As an example: handling a textile import order from Vietnam via the port of Hamburg plus inland distribution presents quite different requirements to getting an industrial equipment delivery for export smoothly through customs in Sao Paolo in Brazil, together with forwarding inland.

Land, sea freight, air freight, rail freight with UNICON Logistics

Foreign trade requires a steady exchange of goods from one country to its neighbour, or from one continent to another. This is where the import and export departments at UNICON Logistics offer their forwarding and logistics services. The economic objectives remain the same: the successful completion of a contract.

Our services for your benefit

  • Advice on the best way to organise transportation – UNICON Logistics
  • Worldwide network of forwarding agents and partners
  • Advice on the often tricky customs formalities for imports and exports
  • Advice on questions to do with transport insurance
  • Smooth flow of goods and data
  • Proactive shipment statuses

We ensure that you can concentrate entirely on your core business.