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Philosophy – our customer focus

Our roots lie in the medium-sized business sector, with a family-run company and all that this implies: very personal, customer-focussed and flexible. When we are providing UNICON Logistics' services, our expertise and experience are our guide. We will stay on course and achieve your goal – you can rely on this one hundred percent.

UNICON Logistics – services for freight forwarding and logistics – focus on customer satisfaction

Production or commerce. You do your job and the goods are produced – here locally, in Europe or by a global manufacturer.

This is when the freight forwarding logistics of UNICON Logistics come into play, so that the value creation chain is complete and your business continues to run successfully and smoothly: in exports or imports, by land or sea, air or rail, with warehousing, customs, service and advice.

The objective is clear, but there are often many possible ways of getting there. Selecting the best way for you and clearing any obstacles is a service we provide daily with passion.

Our forwarding specialists are good listeners, who will understand the task properly and handle it with expert knowledge and commitment – day after day, individually or as a team.

And our customers also know that everyone in our teams will do a sound job. If bureaucratic odds and ends crop up in between, we know that customers want to be left in peace as far as possible. They simply want to hear at the end: job done, what else can we do for you?