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Pre FBA/FBM Logistics from UNICON Logistics for your eCommerce business

Pre FBA salesman. Startups, Asia Import-Logistics and service providers for Amazon - We offer you a top service. We import, store, sift and then forward everything to the Amazon warehouses.

Logistics from UNICON Logistics for your eCommerce business

You have your core competence in buying your goods in Asia and selling them on German marketplaces like Amazon, we have our core competence in Pre FBA logistics and take care of everything else.

Import from Asia

We contact your suppliers and take care of the shipping of your goods from China or Asia. No matter if cardboard, pallets or containers. With the import no matter whether sea freight, air freight or also rail freight the commodity is customs cleared.

Warehouse with visual inspection

Once we arrive at the warehouse, we make a visual inspection of the box and the item. If the cartons and articles are damaged, we will repack them and replace them. The goods are then stored.

Picking for Amazon Shipping

We commission your goods according to your wishes, or prepare them directly for dispatch to the Amazon warehouse. Either per carton individually or in a large group. We label the cartons according to ASIN or your EAN barcode, etc.

Parcel shipping

Pick-up by UPS and DHL on the following day

Returns management

We take back your returns from the Amazon warehouse. Store them or reprocess them.


We work together with a financing company with whom you can contact via us. You can use it to finance your products and have them released in batches. If you would like further help or contact us via e.g:

  • Sourcing in China
  • packing
  • customs procedures
  • funding
  • Taxes

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