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Welcome to the world – with UNICON Logistics!


Up to date and more important than ever: green logistics power with Unicon logistics - in action for solar energy, e.g. via POLARYS. Our subsidiary delivers clean future solutions for our energy supply with "solar power plants" and we at Unicon make sure that everything arrives properly. More Infos here!


Worldwide or close to home, UNICON Logistics offers you complete transport organisation and freight forwarding for your procurement and distribution, plus comprehensive logistics services, smooth imports and exports including customs, warehousing and consignment capacities – in brief: solutions for all your regular transport and warehousing wishes.

We have a likeable, well-trained and experienced freight forwarding team on hand to assist you, who will do all it takes to fulfil your tasks. They are transport organisers, customs specialists, import and export advisers, logistics professionals and providers of support for e-commerce start-ups  all in one – genuine, reliable partners at your side.

The hurdles we sometimes have to clear for more complex transport shipments needn’t concern you at all. We are happy when we can make you happy, by letting you know your transport or logistics order has been fully completed on time – job done!

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