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Individual solutions from UNICON Logistics

Forwarding and logistics solutions can vary greatly depending on the sector or the customer requirements. We will be pleased to advise and help you if, for instance, you want to gain a foothold as a start-up!

Leather logistics, furniture logistics or logistics
solutions for photovoltaics?
UNICON Logistics takes care of every logistics task

Some UNICON customers just need a transport solution from A to B. Many customers want and need more:

  • From A to B – via C
  • Long-distance haulage by air freight or sea freight, but with special pre-carriage requirements to the air or sea port
  • … or corresponding on-carriage inland
  • Import or export of shipments with warehousing and customer call-offs
  • Logistical upgrading of imported goods by assembling items
  • Pre- or post-picking and distribution in accordance with the customer’s specifications

The ideal solution can be just as varied as the goods and sectors we handle and look after at UNICON with our forwarding and logistics services.

“One size fits all” or “off-the-peg” service is not our philosophy. We enjoy advising our customers much too much for that.

We have developed individual, flexible solutions for special sectors, such as leather, furniture or photovoltaics. We help our customers with start-ups. The UNICON online shop platforms and Internet ordering connect trading partners across continents.

So feel free to ask us if you require special logistics services – we will find the right solution together.